Advance Turning & Manufacturing is always looking for experienced CNC lathe and mill operators, programmers, and experienced quality and manufacturing engineers. If you fall into one of these categories and are trainable, flexible, and reliable, then please Apply Now.

Our full-time employees enjoy insurance benefits (health, dental, life, and disability), a 401K plan, profit sharing, paid vacation, cash bonuses, company-sponsored activities, and a workplace committed to excellence and skilled workers.


Working at Advance Turning

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ATM works closely with local educational institutions, students, teachers, and counselors to help raise awareness about careers in manufacturing.

Our programs include:

  • Annual $2,000 scholarships
  • Summer employment (high school junior year)
  • An apprenticeship program
  • Potential employment opportunities upon graduation
  • Sponsoring and hosting Shop Rat Educational Programs

If you are a student at one of the following educational institutions and would like more information, contact the number listed below:

  • Capital Area Career Center: 517-244-1306
  • Jackson Area Career Center: 517-768-5167
  • Northwest High School: 517-817-4701
  • Western High School: 517-841-8200

Currently, 33% of our skilled machinists have come to us through these programs.